When I was a kid I lived in a 1 bathroom home with two sisters, two brothers, and my parents. The mornings going to school were really hectic. Everybody tried to get to the shower before the hot water went out. When I was a teenager we had a bathroom sink that was so old that the drainage under the sink had broken apart. I remember my dad called a plumber from one of the big plumbing companies at the time. The plumber who came to service us was rude. He didn’t provide any options, and gave(from what I know now) a ridiculous price to fix this minor issue. My father being the sole breadwinner in the home was put off by the price and the Plumber’s demeanor. So, unfortunately the sink was broken for a while after that.

When I was 18 I was offered a job with a plumbing contractor and fixed that sink and made all the other plumbing repairs in the family home. I went to a trade school for five years, got my certificate from the State of California, and later down the line also acquired my Plumbing License. I had always thought about the Plumber that came to our house all those years ago and promised myself to always give the best possible service, options, and prices that I could to all of the families who called me for help. Today Camco Rooter services the South Bay, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the San Gabriel Valley.

We specialize in residential and commercial drain cleaning and service and repair to all types of plumbing fixtures, water heaters, sewers, water lines, and gas lines. We also offer repipes in PEX and Copper materials. Camco Rooter also offers both types of trenchless sewer replacement methods. We provide plenty of different options to help families pick the right type of repair for their plumbing issues as well as financing to help with costs.

It’s strange how much we can take our plumbing for granted until we can’t use it. At Camco Rooter we believe that Life can be great when you have good Plumbing. If you live in the area and have a plumbing issue big or small pick up the phone and call today. Thank you.

Cezar Mora
CEO Camco Rooter

We cover area of whole
San Pedro California and Nearby

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